S. Martin Shelton

Retired U.S.Navy Captain, Novelist

Early Leica Cameras

Ernst Leitz GmbH, Wetzlar produced their first Leica camera in 1913.  In 1925 Leitz introduced  the Leica model 1A and continued its production until 1930.  The model 1A was the first mass produced 35mm camera of high quality.  Following were a series of several dozen cameras with constantly improving functions and reliability.  Introduced in 1933, the Leica models IIIE and IIIF were the first cameras with the coupled range-finder.  These models were equipped with a 50mm , f3.5, Wollensak Velostigmat lens.


Leica Model IIIF

Leica Model IIIF


In the years that followed, Leica constantly improved the design and function of their cameras—becoming the premier camera manufacturer in the world.  Leica introduced perhaps seventy-five different models including digital types to present day.  Some of the early Leica cameras have significant collector value: rarity and condition being the primary factors in price paid.

In an important scene in my historical novel St. Catherine’s Crown, watch the photojournalist use his Leica, model IIIF to photograph the sensuous femme fatale, who shows more leg than is prudent in 1933.


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