S. Martin Shelton

Retired U.S.Navy Captain, Novelist

7 December 1941

I remember 7 December 1941 vividly–“A dastardly attack…” We were shaken, afraid for our future, and gloom suffused throughout the populace. We knew that the war with the Empire of Japan was en route–just not where or when they would strike,
The attack and sinking of our gunboat “USS Panay” in the Yangtze in December 1937 was the Japanese initial gambit. (See my page on Amazon Kindle for details.)
It’s inconceivable that Marshall Admiral Isioroku Yamamoto, IJN, would fail to target our massive petroleum farm and comprehensive ship repair facilities at Pearl Harbor—critically important strategic targets.
Also is the conundrum that he targeted our obsolete battleships (some from World War I) instead of our modern aircraft carriers at sea close by Pearl Harbor.
I’ve produced a forty-minute video titled “Origins of the Japanese Pacific War 1940s.” Send me an email (sheltoncomm@suddenlink.net) to make arrangements for viewing. I spent a small fortune producing this video, accordingly, a modest fee applies.

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  1. So glad to see you doing another post! I will certainly look into your creations.

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