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Black Orchids

Black orchids with their luxurious beauty symbolize great power and authority.  They are a very formal and sophisticated flower, and are the preference of the cognoscente. Some folks associate black orchids with mystery, witchcraft, and terrifying tales and myths.

Black Orchids are members of the orchidaceous family. There are two primary types: those that grow on the ground and those that grow on trees.  There are six species (including the “Dracula vampire”) and four or five hybrids.  Nonetheless, it is the Liparis nervosa that is only truly pure deep black orchid.

Black Orchid

Liparis nervosa

Indeed the black orchid is a flower of great beautify and mystery. Nonetheless, I caution you not to cultivate the femme fatale Black Orchid in my historical novel St. Catherine’s Crownelse you may well receive a bouquet when only your relatives may enjoy them.  You’ve been warned!  

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