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Movie Review, The Intern,

Production Company.  Waverly Films

Writer/Director.  Nancy Meyers


  • Anne Hathaway does a yeoman performance as Jules Ostin as the “not-all-together,” overworked, and on the edge CEO of her startup Internet sales company.
  • Robert DeNiro is outstanding as Ben Whittaker—Seventy-year old, widower, and retired executive from a defunct company. Now he’s a Muse and sage to Jules.
  • What’s compelling about this drama is the slowly budding, aseptic chemistry between Ben and Jules.

The Intern is a delightful woman’s film—written and directed by a talented woman.  It’s the classic story of the young meets the old, the old ever so cleverly engenders insight into the young, and all the young’s problems are solved.  That’s the nut of the story—clearly I could detail more, but no need. See the film or read a synopsis on the web.

I have four major negatives with this film.

  1. The ambiance of this film, at times, is frippery.
  2. At 121 minutes this film is far too long for the attendant narrative.
  3. Far too many screen minutes are devoted to two talking heads (Ben and Jules) exchanging detrop comments.
      • One such scene plays in Jules’ spacious office.
      • Another plays in Jules’ hotel room in San Francisco.
  1. The scene where Ben and his hi-tech gang raid Jules’ mother’s home to retrieve an aberrant email from Jules is so much blatherskite. Editing out this irrelevant scene would save precious screen minutes and keep the audience’s empathy on track with the unfolding primary story.  Also, with the scene missing, the audience would not conclude that Jules can be a dingbat and always is in control.

The ending has a twist that I did not expect. View the film.  Enjoy.  It’s another hit for Nancy Meyers.

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